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Terence: Hecyra. Cicero: Catilinarians. Yes, I Could Care Less. Bill Walsh. A Handbook of the English Language. Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist. This eBook is no longer available for sale. Since , students of Latin and their teachers have turned to this famous guide for instruction on grammar and usage. The work of a distinguished professor who taught classics for six decades, it is celebrated for its lucid and comprehensive treatment.

The first third of the text focuses on etymology, exploring inflections of the substantive and adjective; adverbs, numerals, and pronouns; inflection of the verb; and the formation of words. Subsequent chapters advance to syntax, examining simple and compound sentences; the arrangement of words and clauses; figures of syntax and rhetoric; and principal rules of syntax. The text concludes with an extended section on prosody that discusses and illustrates the conventions of Latin verse. Helpful indexes feature information on everyday Roman life, including explanations of the calendar, weights and measures, money, and names.