Manual How to Profit from a Lottery Fix Without Being a Part of It

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In addition to managing your money, a CFP can handle many of the other must-dos on this list, such as estate, insurance and tax planning, or refer you to specialists in these fields to address immediate needs.

Figure out when and how to claim your winnings

Together, you can focus on wealth preservation not losing money to inflation and creating a steady income stream for life. Learn how to choose a financial advisor who will suit your needs. Here are our top picks for best robo-advisors. You want someone who is intimately familiar with all the nuances of both federal and state tax law.

You can search for lawyers by location and specialty at the American Bar Association , or search specialty sites Avvo.

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Plan ahead and book a hotel suite under a false name for you and your family to hide out in until the paparazzi get bored of taking pictures of your shrubbery. Before that incessant ringing from all those calls from the media, well-wishers and scamsters starts to drive you mad, purchase a few cheap cell phones and set up a no-contract prepaid wireless plan.

How the Lottery Scams Poor People

Share one phone number with only your team of pros and reserve another for confirmed blood relatives and that Chinese takeout place you like. Among other things such as helping money pass through to heirs without being subject to probate , a trust also comes in handy in states with rules that allow only a single payee per winning ticket. Right off the bat your CPA will calculate how many millions you need to put aside to cover your federal income tax bill come April.

After that, make a standing date a few times a year to discuss tax minimization strategies until death or profligate spending do you and your money part. An estate attorney can also help you title assets and keep taxes, legal costs and headaches to a minimum for your heirs. That is what makes the buzz at work and lunch, party and weekend, a positive thing.

Why a lottery ticket is a cheap source of fantasy about being wealthy - The Economic Times

The lottery ticket is a harmless and cheap source of fantasy about being wealthy. Psychologists point out that the humdrum everyday chores, the burdens of life and work, and the realisation that one may not make it big in life can depress most folks. The lottery offers a reprieve. Millions spend a few days day dreaming about wealth,fantasising about luxury and opulence, and vicariously live a life that may be otherwise out of their reach.

That is also the reason why a lot of lottery ticket buyers are the poor. In many countries, lotteries are banned for this reason. Poor daily wage earners who do not see their lot improving from work or do not know any other method to augment incomes, take to lottery as an outlet. They begin small and soon end up spending a disproportionate amount of their low incomes on buying tickets, seeing it as the only way to get rich.

California State Lottery

Governments in many countries see lotteries as exploitative tactics that play on the emotions of the poor. They ban these games when they find the poor getting trapped in them. There are also several practices in poorly regulated lotteries where the outcomes are not transparent and there are instances of tricksters vanishing with the loot.

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In the US, where 44 out of 50 states have legalised lotteries, regulations are detailed and strictly enforced to protect the players and keep the game transparent. The draw is telecast live, watched by hopeful millions. Not all lottery ticket buyers may have an otherwise wretched existence.

Many of them are well earning people. But they can also fall for the joys of fantasy. We know of many people who will routinely post health tips and diets on social networks; they would talk about health all the time; and they would have read a lot on the topic. But they would not do the one thing that is needed to actually get fit —hit a workout regime and actually watch the diet. Travel channels and magazines, food blogs and videos, and many such forms of entertainment cater to the group that would fantasise rather than actually do something about it.

The lottery ticket offers a low stake fantasy to experience being rich for a while, without having to do much. They can then return to their normal lives after a brief period of living a dream of being super rich, and believe that they almost made it, if not for a few numbers that did not favour them. Some lottery junkies also talk of shared cultural experiences and camaraderie among ticket buyers. But that might be taking it too far. Many office friendships have ended when a group ticket turns up one winner who makes a few thousands for getting a few numbers right.

But his friends can never bury the grudge that he stole those bucks right under their noses. Such is the nature of easy money.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are that of the writer. The facts and opinions expressed here do not reflect the views of www. Not making enough money in stocks? And the less money you have, the more wisely you need to manage it, because you really don't have as much room for error. Instead, focus on working hard, living on a budget, and saving your money. It works every time , unlike the lotto.

When you make a budget and get out of debt, you have some breathing room in your life. You might even feel like you got a raise when you see how much money you have left over after doing your budget.

Are Your Odds of Winning the Lottery Good? Don’t Bet On It!

Ready to come into some money without ever having to gamble on the lotto again? Get our free budgeting app, EveryDollar , and get started making your first budget! Back Home.

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