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Captivity brings even more questions for a newly transformed Princess Zerrin. Secluded and left to wait out her fate, Zerrin begins to realize that Jonas may not have been completely honest with her. A king of her choosing is what Triton has offered, but Zerrin has secrets she will be forced to reveal. It was never her intention to hurt anyone, but in order to live again she must do just that. Her past is her future, though finding it again will be harder than she realizes. Patria L. Dunn hails from the small town of Louisa Virginia. Born in , a true child of the 80's; her interests range from classic to unimaginable.

A young woman with many talents and many titles such as: Pianist, Author, Poet and most importantly Mother, if you ask her about her accomplishments she will tell you: "The best is yet to come. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 4. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Patria L. Good story but Lots of typos.

I can't imagine any editor letting this many spelling and grammar mistakes through.

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On the other hand, the plot is great, the characters are well described, and the setting seems real. I don't know if I'll ever read the rest of the books - I don't like that the book ends so suddenly; it's an obvious ploy to get us to buy the next. But I like the writing style, and the ideas in the book so far. Patria L. Dunn-Rowe, get yourself a good editor, please? No typos is all Good story but No typos is all you'll need to get a 5 star rating from me.

Nov 22, Heather rated it it was ok.

There are so many grammatical and spelling errors that you almost have to read between the lines. Whether I'll read part 2 is up in the air. Feb 02, Donna rated it really liked it. Amazing I could hardly put this book down. Jan 08, Kimberly Lynn Cullipher rated it did not like it.

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Honestly, I found this novel so long ago for my Kindle that I completely forgot the synopsis. In an attempt to read some of the older books I have stored on my device, I decided to read it. Unfortunately, I really disliked the novel.

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It was, for the most part, written in an okay manner. There were some spelling and grammar mistakes which, honestly, did not bother me, as I simply corrected them in my mind while reading. The first two chapters bored me to tears, honestly.


There was simply too much teen-angst to enjoy the characters that were being set up. By the time we get to the main point of the story--the merman--I had very little interest in seeing what would happen. The remainder of the novel was skimmed, I am afraid to admit. I would not recommend "Smitten," unless, perhaps, you are a younger reader--which is probably the reading level this book was intended for.

I will not be reading the sequels either. May 23, Elisa Guajardo Carothers rated it it was amazing. Review for Smitten Great read, there were a lot of mispelled words though. Still I could give it no less than 5 stars! Mar 01, Alyssa rated it did not like it Shelves: kindle-free , pnr-merpeople. Smitten is part one of a three-part story.

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I don't think I'll be investing in the following two parts as I wasn't really interested in the first one. Alana Cassidy's parents died when she was thirteen and she was put into foster care. The foster family she is placed with is abusive and cruel. I spent most of the story being angry at the foster parents and the rest of the story being angry at Alana and Alana's foster brother Roman for not reporting their foster parents to the authorities. The fost Smitten is part one of a three-part story. The foster children are whipped, beaten, starved, neglected, mistreated, etc etc etc.

Fortunately the author saved us having to read about sexual abuse by not including that as one of the habits of the foster parents. On top of my anger for the foster parents, I was also apalled by the disturbing amount of grammatical and spelling errors littered in the pages. Hear instead of here, staid instead of stayed, and a whole lot more. Honestly, I would not recommend this book -- not even to people who like mermaids. Mostly because the only merperson in this book doesn't even show up until close to the end.

And I didn't even care for his character. Maybe because his name was Jonas and I'm just reminded of that juvenile boy-band everytime it pops up. Was there anything I liked about this book? No, not really. But it was short enough that by the time I would have given up and abandoned it, I was already done.

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Nov 16, Kerr rated it did not like it Shelves: free-kindle-read. Pretty sure that no foster care could be THIS bad. Especially with a baby in residence. Also, with what they're trying to do, pretty sure permission needs to be gained and an inspection?? The Pernickles really reminded me of Mr and Mrs Twit! It's weird.

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I also don't get why she agreed in the end. Was it because of the pull of his eyes? She wasn't going to before. And with those conditions, it's just silly. Aside from these things, it was well written, it kept me going until the end, unfortunately it wont keep me going into the next book. I did like the bit we learnt about the mer society though and Jonas' physiology too.

The science side seemed quite legit to this non sciencey person. Ok so this was a confusing one for me.

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I started it off thinking it was a book about Merpeople but there was absolutely no sign of this in the first half of the story. I actually thought I was reading the wrong book. Once I adjusted my mindset I actually really enjoyed what I was reading. I gotta be honest I would have much preferred if the story had kept going in it's original direction. I don't think I'll be carrying on as the rest of the series is gonna be focused on the Merpeople which is the part of the story that didn't really do it for me. Apr 19, Becky Shambley rated it really liked it.

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I must say, it's a wonderful thing when your biggest complaint is that a book was too short! Originally intended as a short story, this three part series grew beyond even the author's expectations. I am very happy for that fact! They had me crying and laughing and enjoying that the moral of the story It really was particularly pleasing that the moral was simple and applicable to any age.