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Attend this live webinar to learn: The main ingredients for a manhole explosion. The density and volatility of gases within manhole infrastructures. How faults contribute to explosions in primary and secondary cables.

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  2. On-Demand Webinar: Dust Control: Uncovering tell-tale signs of dust-explosion danger.
  3. Woman, Women, and the Priesthood in the Trinitarian Theology of Elisabeth Behr-Sigel.

Register now! How to do hydrodynamic analysis with forward speed. Watch the complimentary webinar video and learn the basic aspects in hydrodynamic analysis for ships and offshore structures using Sesam software. Progressing from peak hour modelling to time series analysis for distribution power systems.

Webinar: Design and analysis of offshore aquaculture units. Learn how to do a complete analysis including cage, net and mooring system. Webinar: Are you in control of your company risk? This webinar video takes a user experience approach to guide risk managers, EHS professionals and management through a practical approach to engage your workforce in the risk management process. Webinar: Facility ratings for electric utilities. Knowing the limits of your grid without breaking the limits of the business. Webinar: Advanced hull integrity management of ships and floating offshore structures.

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Explore the benefits of using 3D model based software to support proactive hull structural integrity management. Progressive collapse and accidental analysis. Webinar: Control room operator training systems, capabilities and management. Are you getting all that you can from your gas distribution risk management solution? Making smarter decisions through transparent, auditable and traceable pipeline risk management. Asset modification and life extension in offshore engineering. Learn how to leverage legacy models in structural modification analysis.

Top 3 ways the new cloud-based Navigator Shore will improve fleet overview. Find out how the new user-friendly solution supports efficient fleet monitoring of work and rest hours, certificates and more. How to demonstrate the safety impacts of isolation and blowdown systems in your process facility. Learn how to demonstrate and model the impact using the latest release of Phast software.

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Learn about the dual focus of equipment reliability and risk management and how the divergent requirements of each are resolved in an automated system. Webinar: Introduction to hydrodynamic analysis in offshore engineering. Learn about the key aspects you need to keep in mind when doing a hydrodynamic analysis. Achieving zero harm: how new technologies are making us safer. Over the past two years, the use of innovative technologies such as wearables, augmented reality visors and inspection drones has been increasing in the field of environment, health and safety EHS.

This leads not only to improvements in safety, but also to gains in operational efficiency. Complete structural analysis for offshore wind turbine foundations.

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Learn how Sesam for offshore wind software can support your offshore wind projects. Three key steps to data smart fleet management.

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Leveraging risk intelligence to increase safety and reduce costs. Optimizing preventative and mitigative measure selection with probabilistic risk assessment. Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD for simulation of dispersion, fire and explosion in industry plants and complex terrain. Mains replacement prioritization, monetized risk for plastic pipes with Synergi Pipeline.

Io-Tahoe Webinar:“Managing the Data Explosion in a Multi-Zettabyte World | IT Briefcase

Having a common monetary unit means that investment decisions about replacement becomes easier. Most recently Kelly was a public health responder, alongside her Health District colleagues, in the response to the explosion in West, TX in April of In addition to his career in public health he has experience in clinical research and medical practice. Stephanie spent 5 years as a Planner and Coordinator for the Hospital Preparedness Program and became familiar with the preparedness efforts at the local and state level.